Message from the President

Realizes the next generation reliability and the comfortableness for your digital life.

It’s our great mission that to make a new value, through peripheral devices, to digital devices in your life including PC’s. To achieve this mission, we have accumulated the wide variety of technological know-how for computer, and endeavored to make advanced products.
Nowadays, about the environment surrounding a recent PC, the global market is expanding centers round on a rising nation, while in a marketing glance assumes that the conventional period of growth, the domestic market is severe because of it has gone as high as it can go of the new sales. However, when we focus the PC saturation level in household, it is more than 70%, and in the business scene is a lot more. Furthermore, the consumer electronics is being digitize, and the innovation such as the fusion of the data communication and the broadcast is making steady progress. That is to say, these streams have produced a new growth market in a different field.
People need the IT devices, which have next generation reliability, easiness of the management, and a simplified operation. It is because, the social responsibility of the company, including the JSOX method, the compliance, and the Green-IT has grew, furthermore, the necessity to use IT in household has expanded by the increase in the number of broadcast and internet contents, and digitized “irreplaceable memory” such as a photograph or a movie.
For the realization of that demand, it’s necessary not only application of the wide various technologies and the fusion of getting over the standard lines, but also the substantiality of the support suitable for a life cycle. It means, we have to make the solutions which are met for individual user needs and possession equipments.

From “the PC peripheral device manufacture” into “the digital life innovator”.

I-O DATA regards the change of such a market as a chance, we try to develop from the PC peripheral device manufacturer into the digital life innovator. In order to accomplish this aim, we polish these three things, “technology and value creativity we have been established over 38 years”, “the wide variety of products”, and “the mobility that is the strength of the third party”.

To provide the solution doing just fit to people, based on the customer first policy, we keep on challenging to make a thing valuable, furthermore, we make an effort to expand the partnership with the outstanding business connections of the IT industry, which are built at abroad as well as home, so that compensate for the ability lack to us.

As a company provides the trust and satisfaction, we practice the management that follow the corporate social responsibility and make every effort to grow up steadily, please to have your full support.


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