[Press Release] I-O DATA announced third-generation “AVeL LinkPlayer” Network Media Player (Japanese Market)

Japan, June 23, 2006 - I-O Data Device, Inc. (“I-O Data” below) announced the AVeL LinkPlayer (“LinkPlayer” below) new third-generation network media player featuring to stream video, music, and photo data stored in a computer or DVD recorder to a large-screen TV. The target shipping volume for the entire lineup is 50,000 units a year.

LinkPlayer is the successor to the previous model in the AVLP2/DVD series released in September 2004. LinkPlayer’s major features include official support for DLNA Guidelines for connecting to electronic consumer devices, completely-redesigned intuitive user interface, and a HDMI output connector provided as standard. With the advent of high-definition digital TV, component parts were carefully selected, and the boards and circuits were designed by I-O Data to achieve both video and audio quality that rivals AV acoustic equipment. LinkPlayer boasts overwhelmingly superior performance compared to similar products by other companies, and LinkPlayer is expected to garner broad appeal from regular electronics users for further expanding the range of the network media player market.




Model Name Suggested Retail Price Shipping Date Description
AV-LS300DW 37,000 JP yen End of June Wireless / Wired LAN model
AV-LS300D 33,800 JP yen Middle of July Wired LAN model


What is a network media player?

A network media player is a device that takes video, music, photos, and other multimedia content stored on computers and consumer electronic devices over a household LAN (local area network) and streams it to your TV.
Not only can it access content over a network, but the built-in standard DVD drive enables playback of commercial DVDs and CDs and data formats on DVD±R and CD-R/RW media created by computers. This product also includes two USB ports to enable data playback from portable hard disks and USB memory.
In addition, content stored on I-O Data’s HDL-GX/G Series of network connectable hard disks can also be played back*.

* To support DLNA in the HDL-GX series and HDL-G series is expected soon with a firmware update

Background of DLNA and DiXiM

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that enables consumer electronic devices, computers, and handheld devices connected to a network to share and use digital content among each other. This product’s firmware uses DiXiM by DigiOn that has been customized by I-O Data and attaches the DiXiM Media Server as a server application. The DiXiM Media Server is an application meeting DLNA Guidelines. Installing it on a computer enables you to conduct instant searches for video and audio content over LinkPlayer according to your purpose.

DiXiM has a long track record to be implemented major electronics makers and PC makers, and now, in LinkPlayer, it provides high compatibility and an operational feeling that more closely resembles consumer electronic products.

Main Features

  1. I-O Data design for quality and reliability
    The audio unit features sound quality rivaling acoustic equipment with a S/N greater than 120 dB, distortion less than 0.0001%, and frequency characteristics of -1.00dB at 48kHz. (All findings were based on the JEITA standard measurement procedures.)
  2. Built-in HDMI output connector
    (first time available in a network media player)*
    Audio and video can be supplied over a digital connection with a single cable for output of full digital to a high-definition TV.
    *I-O Data Research, as of June 23, 2006.
  3. Officially compliant with DLNA Guidelines
    This product can share content with the Sony RDZ-D97A/D77A and other DLNA-compatible devices.
  4. Support for the NTFS file system
    In addition to the conventional FAT16/32 system, USB external hard disks formatted using NTFS, the standard file system in Windows XP®, can now be connected to the USB port on the front panel of this product. This enables you to enjoy extended hours of playback of large video files directly from a hard disk. (In FAT32, files are limited to a maximum of 2GB in size.)
  5. Wide range of playback video formats
    The main processor uses the EM8620L by Sigma Designs (USA). In addition to support for MPEG-1/2, DivX, and WMV formats, it also supports playback of ISO format (disc images) over a USB connection.
  6. Built-in wireless diversity antenna (AV-LS300DW only)
    A built-in diversity antenna is included for significantly expanding the transmission range.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 430mm x 267mm x 50mm (excluding protruding part)
Weight (Kg) Approximately 3.1 Kg (body of product only)
Supported Video WMV9/DivX®Video 3,4,5/MPEG-1/MPEG-2
Supported Photo JPEG/BMP/PNG
Supported Audio WMA9/WMA9 Pro※/MP3/PCM(WAVE)
*Supported only Analog sound output
Supported Image ISO
Supported Media DVD -R / -RW / +R / +RW /+R DL / CD-R / -RW
Supported Media Format DVD-Video / CD-DA / DVD-ROM / CD-ROM
Wired LAN 10BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX(RJ-45) ×1
Wireless LAN

IEEE802.11b/ g (Supported Wireless LAN high-speed communication technology, Super GTM)
cryptosystem: WEP64/ 128bit/ WPA-PSK(TKIP)/

USB host interface

USB 2.0 port (front) ×2
S upported mass storage class HDD, card reader and USB memory(NTFS/FAT supported)
Video Out HDMI ×1 / D-connector (D4 Output supported ) ×1
Composite Video Out ×1 /
S-Video Out (S1/S2 supported) ×1
Audio Out Analog Audio Out (L/R) ×1 / Optical Digital Out  ×1


Image Data for Press Releases

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