[Press Release] I-O DATA announced "LANDISK Tera" LAN terabyte hard disk (Japanese and Korean Market)

JAPAN, August 23, 2006 - I-O Data Device, Inc. (“I-O Data” below) announced LANDISK Tera, HDL-GT Series, new LAN terabyte hard disk featuring Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) support and RAID 0/0+1/5 compatibility both in Japan and Korea. Shipping for the Japanese market is scheduled to begin at the end of September. The product lineup features two different capacity models: 1TB (terabyte) and 2TB(*1), and the target shipping volume is forecast at 3,000 units per month.

This product is a large-capacity LAN-connectable hard disk that incorporates four removable hard disks. It features high-speed Gigabit Ethernet support (with a theoretical data transfer rate of 1,000 Mbps) and uses Serial ATA drives for enabling high-speed file sharing and network backups. The cartridge-type hard disks use Relational HD(*2) for flexible building of four different types of RAID configurations. Hot-swapping support is also provided for allowing cartridge changes while the power is still on. This enables to replace hard disks without stopping the system, such as during disk failure.


Model Name HDL-GT1.0 HDL-GT2.0
Price (not including tax) 106,300 JP yen 210,900 JP yen
Shipping date Scheduled for end of September 2006


Other Major Product Features

  1. LANDISK Tera can be used together with the 5-inch bay connection unit (RHD-IN/SA) (sold separately) so that the cartridge can be removed from the LANDISK Tera and used as a separate hard disk in a computer.
  2. LANDISK Tera includes two connectors of USB and eSATA. This enables usage for one-touch copying for digital camera photos, print servers, mirroring operations, and backup applications.
  3. Support for DLNA is provided to allow sharing of contents in compatible network consumer devices over the network.

Four Modes for Your Needs

RAID is an abbreviation for “Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks” and refers to technology where multiple hard disks operate and appear as a single hard disk. This product can build four types of RAID for flexible driving of RAID 0/1/5, which makes it ideal for any kind of data operation that could be expected over a LAN. For these reasons, we consider this product the ideal solution for small companies and SOHO users.

Image Data for Press Releases

Photo data of this product for press releases is provided from our company web site at the URL below.

HDL-GT1.0 / HDL-GT2.0



(*1) Four HDDs are installed. The available disk space varies depending on the operating mode. The capacities shown are for striping mode.
(*2) Relational HD is a cartridge standard proposed by I-O Data.


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