[Press Release] 32 IO-DATA Products Receive Microsoft Windows Vista™ Certification(Japanese Market)

JAPAN, October 26, 2006 - I-O DATA Device, Inc.(hereinafter referred to as “I-O DATA”) today announced that as of 26 October 2006 a total of 32 products, including hard disks, USB memory and DVD drives have been certified under the Windows Vista™ Logo Program. The Windows Vista™ Logo Program guarantees compatibility with Microsoft Corporation’s (CEO: Darren Houston, hereinafter referred to as “Microsoft”) Windows Vista™ operating system. I-O DATA has actively supported this program from its inception and will continue to work towards the certification of additional products in the future.


About Windows Vista™ Logo Program

Basic logo Premium logo


The Windows Vista™ Logo Program defines the quality standards for Windows Vista™. Products meeting the technical requirements of Windows Vista™ display the basic and premium logos according to product categories, ensuring customers can choose reliable products that provide a great computing experience.

Certified products satisfy global standards*1 for PC peripheral devices and ensure compatibility with Windows Vista™. In addition, Windows Vista™ compatible drivers will be provided through Windows Update, making use of Windows Vista™ convenient.

I-O DATA considers the release of Windows Vista™ as a significant opportunity. With our timely announcement of readiness for Windows Vista™, IO-DATA aims to differentiate its products and is determined to manufacture peripherals that continue to satisfy customer needs.

Confirmed case of logo certified products
Model Name in Hard Disk


Model Name in USB Memory



Model Name in DVD Drive



Model Name in MO Drive


Extension memory, memory cards and networked hard disks are not specified in the logo program.Excluded products are certified by I-O DATA with our original "Windows Vista? ready seals" on package to guaranty compatibility.

*1: We cannot guarantee that our certified products run on English versions of Windows Vista™.
*2: Part numbers do not indicate the color of products available in a range of colors.


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