[Press Release] I-O DATA announces the LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series with Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2 pre-installed for small- and medium-sized companies. (Japanese Market)

JAPAN, October 27, 2006 - In mid-November, I-O DATA Device, Inc. (President: Akio Hosono, head office: Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, hereinafter referred to as “I-O DATA”) will release three models in the LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series (featuring capacities from 300 gigabytes to 750 gigabytes) preinstalled with Microsoft Corporation’s (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Microsoft”) Microsoft® Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2 Workgroup Edition operating system for efficient network attached storage for small- and medium-sized businesses. We also announce that we will cooperate with Microsoft in joint marketing efforts targeting small- and medium-sized companies, with focusing on the LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series.

The control of IT systems is stipulated in the J-SOX Act implemented by the Financial Services Agency. Publically traded companies and their consolidated subsidiaries are required to implement IT systems for accounting, sales management and data backup. In addition to improving data integrity with hardware mirroring, I-O DATA's LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series leverages Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (commonly used as a platform for accounting and sales packages), providing small- and medium-sized companies with efficient and reliable storage solutions.

I-O DATA and Microsoft will cooperate in promoting the LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series, with planned shipments of approximate 5,000 units per year. In cooperation with Microsoft, I-O DATA will be participating in seminars in Japan including The Microsoft Conference 2006. In addition, we are planning to hold co-hosted seminars several times per year.

The LANDISK HDLM-GWIN series is a networked hard disk with a built-in hardware RAID controller in a compact body. Hot swapping is supported and Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2 Workgroup Edition is pre-installed. This product fully integrates with Windows® networks to manage and secure the storage environment while taking up very little space and conserving energy.

By mirroring data simultaneously on two hard disks, data can be restored easily if one hard disk should fail. Hot swapping is supported for hard disk changes while the power is on, enables the replacement of hard disks without shutting down. The series also provides high-speed gigabit Ethernet support (with a theoretical data transfer rate of 1,000 Mbps), which is fast becoming the de facto standard in the industry, and is suitable for fast storage and the transfer of large amounts of data.

Model Name


Model Name





300 Giga byte
(300 Giga byte x 2 drives)

500 Giga byte
(500 Giga byte x 2 drives)

750 Giga byte
(750 Giga byte x 2 drives)

(not including tax)

Open Price

Shipping Date

Scheduled for middle of November 2006



Mirroring (RAID 1) writes data simultaneously to two hard disks. If one hard disk fails, the data can be read from the other hard disk, allowing for quick system recovery. This feature is essential for companies that require continuous operation and availability of data.


Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2

The most advancedWindows Server operating system ever offered, is optimized for a dedicated file and print server that is designed to provide users with easy integration, simplified management and improved productivity, meeting the needs of branch offices and boosting security.

Main Features

  1. The series includes a proprietary DELTA 2 RAID controller, a proven hardware RAID controller.
  2. Hot swapping is supported for system recovery. Simply swap out the failed hard disk without shutting down.
  3. The built-in active repair function reads all the hard disk sectors when in mirroring mode and automatically restores any bad sectors it finds.
  4. High-speed throughput of 200 Mbps or more under normal use and 300 Mbps or more with Jumbo Frame enabled.(CIFS (SMB), measured during the transfer of a 256 MB file)
  5. Windows® Storage Server 2003 R2 Workgroup Edition pre-installed. Client access licenses (CAL) are not required.
  6. User authentication and access privileges for shared folders or printers can be integrated in Active Directory® for seamless integration into existing systems.
  7. OS is pre-installed and comes with a license to use the product immediately.
  8. Two USB ports allow the connection of external USB hard disks, USB printers, or UPS.

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HDLM-GWIN series

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