[Press Release] High-speed network adaptor using indoor electrical wiring to be released (Japanese Market)

No installation required. Simply plug into a power outlet to construct a network environment.

JAPAN, November 28, 2006 - I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “I-O DATA”) is releasing PLC-capable (Power Line Communication) network adaptors (the PLC-ET/M series) for retail sale in late December. The series features 2 models, with a combined monthly sales target of 5,000 units.

Model Name



Shipping Date


Starter park (Set of master unit and terminal unit)

Open Price


End of December, 2006



Terminal Unit

PLC is a new communications technology for constructing networks using power lines (regular indoor electrical wiring). This landmark product enables construction of a network environment simply by plugging into a power outlet. Conventional fixed-line LAN relies on cable wiring, and conventional wireless LAN relies on reception conditions, both of which can cause trouble when implementing. PLC technology uses power outlets to construct simple and rapid networks.


The PLC format of this product supports the HD-PLC format. It features robust security through adoption of an AES *1 128bit coding format. Since the adaptor is shipped from the factory with preset encoding, security is in place straight after purchase, enabling the immediate construction of a secure network environment. Even when expanding terminal units, just pressing the setup button simultaneously on the master unit enables simple operation of network setting and encoding, avoiding all the hassles of adjusting settings using a PC.


This product’s transmission speed is rated at 190Mbps*2 using the HD-PLC format, boasting rates roughly 3.5 times than of wireless LAN standard (IEEE 802.11g: 54Mbps). Furthermore, since running between 2 wireless LAN terminals involves going via through wireless access points, theoretically the network bandwidth and transmission speed are at half speed, but since this adaptor does not need to run via access points (just like fixed-line LAN), communication between 2 PLC adaptors runs at the network’s optimum speed.


Demand is expected to rise sharply for general household use of this PLC adaptor in the construction of simple and secure network environments. I-O DATA is working hard to ensure the future commercial implementation and spread of PLC-capable products.

* HD-PLC is a registered trademark. *1: AES is a next-generation government-rated encoding technology recommended by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). *2: This product rating is a maximum theoretical value, and does not represent actual data transmission speeds.

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