[Press Release]  I-O DATA developed software in conjunction with USEN, including firmware, for the “GyaO Plus” television-connectable PC (Japanese Market)

Japan, February 1, 2007 - I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “I-O DATA”) announces the joint development of the television-connectable PC “GyaO Plus”, capable of viewing “GyaO” broadcasts completely free via broadband, as announced by USEN CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “USEN”) on February 1, 2007. I-O DATA, while playing a role as a systems integrator, have also developed software, including firmware, in conjunction with USEN.

Features of the “GyaO Plus”

“GyaO Plus” is a television-connectable PC capable of viewing programs broadcast over “GyaO”, which is operated by USEN and available completely free via broadband. Use of the accompanying remote control offers much simple operation than viewing on conventional PCs.

Development Background

I-O DATA commenced sales of the “AVel LinkPlayer”, based around the concept of “enjoying PC visual entertainment via TV,” in December 2003. The “Avel LinkPLayer” model currently on sale, the “AV-LS300 Series”, represents the third-generation model in the line. I-O DATA has achieved the highest market share*1 for 4 years running in the field of video-related section. This proven track record was recognized by USEN, which was how I-O DATA came to be involved in the development of the “GyaO Plus”. I-O DATA developed software, including firmware, for the “GyaO Plus”, which comes loaded with the Windows CE® platform OS on which it runs. I-O DATA is also offering support for development and evaluation of hardware. In the future, I-O DATA plans to keep working on technical cooperation, in conjunction with USEN, to offer additional functionality and new product development.


About “GyaO”


“GyaO” is the perfect media to assume the key role in the USEN Group’s evolution into a “Media Contents Company”. This service has started in 2005 as the Japan’s brand-new broadcasting service for PC. Approximately 13 million users enjoy various contents, such as Movie, Drama, Music and more, without any charge because it is operated by advertising revenue. www.gyao.jp
* ”GyaO” is provided ONLY in Japan.


*The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

* In order to view programs via “GyaO Plus”, you must first make arrangements with a communications provider.

*1 From BCN ranking (2003 - 2006) sales figures.

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