Troubleshooting for HDL-GXW series

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  Please refer to troubleshooting if you experienced any troubles when you set up or access this product or if you had any other troubles and questions.


Set up and accessing procedures of this product

This section describes about introducing procedure of this product into network (setup) and accessing procedure in details. Also please refer to the attached "Setup Guide".
If you completed setup and you have succeeded to access this product, you can skip this section.



Setting up

Explains setup procedure of this product.

When you completed setup, see the information below.

Access to this product

Explains how to access to this product.

Other supplemental information



How to use the Online Manual

Explains how to use the online manual.

How to open the setup screen

Explains how to open the setup screen of this product.



How to use [Magical Finder](for Windows only)

Explains how to use the attached utility [Magical Finder].
*[Magical Finder] is dedicated only for Windows.



How to restore to factory settings

Explains how to return this product to the state at the time of shipping.



How to reconstruct mirroring

Explains how to rebuild mirroring.



Factory Settings

Explains the setup conditions of this product at the time of shipping.



Additional eSATA devices

Explains about the Serial ATA equipment that can be attached to eSATA expansion port located at the back of this product.



Cautions when connecting USB devices

Explains about the USB equipments that can be attached to USB port located at the front and back of this product.



Operating environment and specifications

Explains about operating environment and specifications of this product.


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