(*)Check backup data content

In 'Backup data' windown, you can see contents of backup data saved in each disc, extract necessary file/folder.
Document files can be previewed with compatible applications.

You can select any time of backup in the past, and view state of backup data on that day.

"View content of backup data"

To view backup data, first, click icon of the drive you want to view in the tree window in the left.

The backup jobs in that drive will be shown in the tree below, so click in icon of the job you wish to view.

The backup target folder/file of that backup job will be shown in the tree below.

In 'Backup date' list, the backup dates that the the selected backup job has performed so far will appear as a list.
The file or folder shown here, will appear at the state of the selected date.

"Extract file/folder from backup data"

Select icon of the file or folder that you wish to extract from the left tree window or the right list window. click in toolbar, or via [Operate] - [Restore] in menu.

The following window will pop up, please select copy destination of the file/folder you wish to extract.

Other than the above method, you can also drag and drop to extract file/folder.

Same for Windows Explorer, file/folder you wish to extract can be clicked then dragged, and dropped in Explorer or Desktop.

However, in the following situations, drag and drop cannot be used, please use the menu/toolbar commend provided above to extract file/folder.

"Preview document file in backup data"

From the right list window, right click icon of file you wish to preview, then select [Preview] in menu.