(*)To create backup job shortcut

In EasySaver4, it is possible to create shortcut for backup jobs.

When you perform backup and create backup job shortbut by simply double clicking that shortcut icon, you can perform backup.
When double click on a shortcut icon, EasySaver4 will start -> backup job open -> perform backup, a string of action can be performed automatically.

Not periodic like sechdule setting, but wish to perform backup on a regular basis, or when may not use the computer at set times, this function is very convenient.

"To create backup job shortcut"

To create backup job shortcut, first, open backup job
For details please refer to here. -> 'Open existing backup job'

Then, in menu choose [Edit] - [Create backup job shortcut] Start shortbut wizard.

Then select here wo create the shortcut.
When you click on 'Browse' button, window to select folder will appear, so please choose where (which folder) you wish to create shortcut.

When you click 'Next' button, the image below will appear.

Then please enter name for shortcut.
You can name the shortcut any name that you wish to.

When you click 'Next' button, the image below will appear.

Then you can select next step for the shortcut.