(*)Delete existing backup job

When backup jobs are no longer needed, you can delete backup jobs.

To delete existing backup jog, first, if the backup job's If 'Backup destination drive' is MO or other removable media, please set up that backup media in the drive.

Next, please proceed via [File] - [Delete backup job] in menu.

Window below will be shown.

Select backup job to delete.

In 'Backup destination drive', select the drive that was selected as 'Backup destination drive' when the backup job was created.

When the drive is selected, the backup jobs saved in that drive will appear underneath in a list, please select the backup job you wish to delete and click 'OK'.

Delete selected backup job.

* Note *
When a backup job is deleted, setting information of that backup job, data of file/folder backed up in that backup job, will all be delete.