(*)To start restore

  1. Open backup job

    To start restore, first, open backup job.
    For details please refer to here. -> 'Open existing backup job'

  2. To start restore

    Next, click in backup window, or in toolbar, or with [Operate] - [Restore] in menu.Restore Start wizard.

  3. Restoring

    During restore, the bar on bottom left of window will show progress.
    Also, the details of process or any error that happens during restoration, they will be shown in the event log in the center of the window.

    To terminate restoration, click on in backup job window, or in toolbar, or via [Operate] - [Terminate]in menu.

    To pause restoration, click in backup job window, or in toolbar, or via[Operate] - [Pause/Resume] in menu.
    To resume paused restore session, please repeat the same procedures.

    "Restore wizard"

    When restore wizard is started, the image below will be shown.

    Select folder/file that you wish to restore.
    The backup target folder/file of this backup job is show please select the items to restore.

    Click 'Next' button, the image below will appear.

    List of dates of backups performed in the past is shown, please select which day you wish to restore.

    Also, restore option can be set.

    • Over write current folder/file
      To overwrite current restore target folder/file with restored data.
      Folder/file added after backup is performed will remained.

    • Delete current folder/file then restore
      First, delete folder/file of restore target, then restore.
      Only folder/file that have been backed up remains.

    • If file cannot be restored, skip and continue
      When this check box is checked, even if there are files that cannot be backed up during backup, that file can be skipped without error, backup can continue.

      File being used by application that is in use, or execute file of application in use cannot be over written or deleted.
      Generally, we recommend that you exit all applications then perform backup, however, if you wish to backup a folder that contains files used by an application that is in progress all the time, you may check the check box.
      (File names of skipped files will appear in event log.)

    Click 'Next' button, the image below will appear.

    Select location to create restored file/folder.
    It is also possible to restore the select file in the original location.

    When you click 'Finish', restore will start.

    * To select more than one folder or file to restore at the same time is only possible if they are from the same original location.

    [*]About restore procedures
    When processing restoration, EasySaver4 has the following procedures.

    If 'Over write current folder/file' option is selected in restore option backup data for current folder/file will be overwritten.
    In this case, only create or overwrite of folder/file will be performed, so the folder or file added after backup will remain the same.

    State when backup is performed. State before restore starts. After backup, 1/2 of files are changed, 3/4 of files are added.
    State after restore is performed. 1/2 files are recovered (over written) by restoration, 3/4 of files remain the same.

    On the other hand, if 'Delete current folder/file and restore' option is selected in restore option, restore target folder/file will be deleted before restore is performed.
    In this case, file/folder will be in the same state as backup.(If filter To start restore.html,is not in use)

    State when backup is performed. Before restore starts. After backup, 1/2 of files are changed, 3/4 of files are added.
    After restore is performed. Files are deleted, 1/2 of files are recovered by restore.