(*)Convenient way of use

[*]Backup when finished using the computer

At work, you want to backup important files before going home, a convenient function to use in situation like the above.

This method uses hard disc as the backup destination.


  1. Create backup job

    First, create backup job to backup final file/folder.
    -> 'Create backup job'

    When backup job is created, execute 'File' - 'Save backup job' command in menu, to save backup job.

    To use existing backup job, open that backup job.
    -> Open existing backup job'

  2. Set auto shutdown function

    Set 'Auto shutdown function' for backup job created.

    In 'Backup job property' -> 'Shutdown', set shutdown type.
    -> 'Change backup job setting'

  3. Create shortcut icon for backup job

    Create shortcut icon for backup job
    By creating shortcut icon, just double click icon backup can start.

    In create shortbut icon wizard, select 'Open backup job to start backup' option when creating shortcut icon.
    Location of icon can be anywhere, it is convenient to have on Desktop, for easy access.
    -> 'Create shortcut for backup job'

This completes all preparations.

"How to use"

When you have finished using the computer, and it is ready to be shutdown, double click on the backup job icon that you have created.

After that, EasySaver4 will perform backup and shutdown computer automatically, you can leave to go home after double clicking the icon.