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USB3.0/2.0 USB Pen Drive

TB-CXT Series (8G/16G/32G)

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TB-CXT Series (8G/16G/32G)


New generation standard USB3.0 support
Realizes the Super Speed transportation

"TB-CXT Series" are new generation pendrive supporting USB3.0 interface
Recently, USB pendrives are tended to be developed toward high capacity.
However, long data transporting is the common inferiority.
"TB-CXT Series" support USB3.0 interface, realizing the Super Speed that you can never get with USB2.0 interface.

USB3.0 interface support! Much sooner than USB2.0

The Super Speed of USB3.0 shortens the operation time.
You can use it with ease and pleasure.

*USB3.0 Super Speed is over 10 times faster than USB2.0(thearetical)
USB3.0 interface support! Much sooner than USB2.0

USB2.0 support also

USB3.0 can also support USB2.0USB3.0 can also support USB2.0
You can use it as long as you plug it, just like other pendrives.
USB bus power used.

*transport speed is as USB2.0 while linked with USB2.0 interface

Automatic Driver Detection

Windows ⇔ Mac OS data exchandeWindows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP, Mac OSX10.4 support.
Windows ⇔ Mac OS data exchande

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Power Rated voltageDC5V
Power supply via the USB port
Interface USB3.0/2.0
Dimensions Approximate 18.0(W) x 69.6(D) x 8.6(H) mm
Tare weight Approx 12g (body only)
Tare weight(Includes packaging) Approx 19g
Operating temperature range(℃) 0~45
Operating Humidity range(%) 10~90
Warranty period Hard Ware Warranty (5 year)
Approved standard CE, FCC, BSMI, RoHS

Supported OS

Supported OS Windows7(32・64bit)/Windows Vista(32・64bit)/Windows XP (SP3~)
Mac OS x10.4~

Compatible machine type

Compatible machine type IBM x86-based PC, Apple Macintosh series
Operating environment USB3.0 or USB2.0 port equipped PC


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